We all live fairly stressful lives so to take an hour or two out during the month could be your chance to recharge the batteries. This is the purpose of the Egremont Centre, to provide a place of peace and tranquility for you to enjoy the various activities. Which are held in the "New Lodge" opened in June 2008, "The Rose Chalet", "Sanctuary" and Garden. If you would like to come along and see if there is something you would enjoy then please phone to arrange a time. You are most welcome - there are no hard and fast rules (other than to enjoy yourself).
Please check out the Notice board for the latest events and also for recommended reading and links to other sites. If you have any questions or queries and/or would like to join any of the groups then please contact Jean
Telephone: (01268)524985 - Email: Jean@EgremontCentre.co.uk


We have worked really hard on the garden etc, which is now maturing well. The shrubs and plants, have really made themselves at home. In 2006, we cleared the last untidy spot, by dismantling the old pigeon loft and replacing it with a chalet, which we now call the "Rose Room" naming the different areas, makes life easier when we are talking about where we are going, it is a very relaxing spot, down there at the bottom of the garden under the trees, and a wonderful place to meditate in. You are welcome to come and try it for yourself. In 2008 we built and opened a New Lodge, and had our 1st retreat, which being so popular.
Sanctuary Restored After tree damage in 2002, it was fully restored in 2004, allowing for it to be used again for the Healing; Prayer; and all Meditation Groups weather permitting.
Internally the Sanctuary has changed little from the original design. Externally the building has been reconstructed in the style of a half timber building.

As built in 1998

As seen today


If you feel you could make a contribution to this web site or would like to become a friend of the Egremont Centre, then we would be delighted to hear from you. I want the centre to be a welcoming place for all.
You can just come along for a visit and a cuppa, without any obligation.

Following the construction of the Lodge (2008) by my son Ian; who has built up the Egremont Centre over the years, it has has a small kitchen extension (May 2009), which is brilliant for all the groups. In 2013 the roof was redone, and Ian also put an outer skin on the whole building, which has helped with heating and warmth

The Lodge

The Rose Chalet