We all live fairly stressful lives so to take an hour or two out during the month could be your chance to recharge the batteries. This is the purpose of the Egremont Centre, to provide a place of peace and tranquility for you to enjoy the various activities. Which are held in the "New Lodge" opened in June 2008, The Green Room ", The Rose Chalet", "Sanctuary" and Garden.  If you would like to come along and see if there is something you would enjoy then please phone to arrange a time. You are most welcome - there are no hard and fast rules (other than to enjoy yourself).

Please check out the Notice board for the latest events and also for recommended reading and links to other sites.

If you have any questions or queries then please contact Jean
Telephone: (01268) 524985 - Email:

How to find us
Egremont is situated in Basildon along the A127 (Southend bound side) between Gardiners Lane North and the A132 turn off to Wickford. You need to slow down once past the petrol station then pull off the main road onto the slipway AFTER Gardiners Lane North, the Entrance/Driveway to "Egremont" is just past the 300 yard marker sign.