White Eagle Group

I am extremely excited to announce that  we are now starting our eleventh year of our regular White Eagle  Study Group here at the Egremont Centre, on the 3rd Monday in each month at 8pm.  held in the Lodge I have been a member for over 25 years and find its ancient teaching very uplifting. If you click on the links page you will see the White Eagles web site where you can read all about them, and perhaps in the near future I will be welcoming you to this.

Nevendon White Eagle  Group, run by Jean


We have worked really hard on the garden etc, which is now maturing well. The shrubs and plants, have really made themselves at home. In 2006, we cleared the last untidy spot, by dismantling the old pigeon loft and replacing it with a chalet, which we now call the "Rose Room" naming the different areas, makes life easier when we are talking about where we are going, it is a very relaxing spot, down there at the bottom of the garden under the trees, and a wonderful place to meditate in.  You are welcome to come and try it for yourself. In 2008 we built and opened a New Lodge, and had our 1st White Eagle workshop/ retreat, which being so popular, was going to become an annual event, unfortunately we weren't able to arrange one for 2014, but already trying organise more for the future. 

There is ample parking in "The Avenue", which is accessed via the gate on the left hand drive of Egremont.

Sanctuary Restored
After tree damage to the Sanctuary in 2002, it was fully restored in 2004, allowing for it to be used again for the Healing; Prayer; and  all  Meditation Groups.

 Internally the Sanctuary has changed little from the original design. Externally the building has been reconstructed in the style of a half timber building.

As built in 1998. As seen today.


If you feel you could make a contribution to this web site or would like to become a friend of the Egremont Centre, then we would be delighted to hear from you.

Perhaps you haven't got a garden! Well we have and would welcome any gardeners, ( to help us keep it looking lovely  through the year) that would like to come along, and take part. Even cuttings of shrubs and plants, would be welcome,   I want the centre to be a welcoming place for all.

You can just come along for a visit and a cuppa, without any obligation.  Jean

We are still extending, this year, my son Ian ( who has built up the Egremont Centre over the years). Following the construction of the Lodge (2008). It has now had a small kitchen extension (May 2009),  which is brilliant for all the groups. In 2013 the roof had to be redone, and Ian also put an outer skin on the whole building, which has helped with heating and warmth. (see picture above).

He has also created a magnificent 19ft Compass,  which just has to be seen.  So watch this space, to see what will appear next ! Which is three magnifiient Monoliths, which are millions of years old.

In 2014 Ian built his Art Studio, where his Watercolour Workshops are run .